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The 30th Meeting of Lithuania`s Beekeepers in Rumsiskes

Virginijus and Roma Mačiai makes bees-wax plates. Phone mobile 370 8792599, Švedės g. 53, 5449 Ginkūnai Šiauliai district, Lithuania

Photo of beekeeper Virgilijus Mačys

  Firm “Augelma” making multistory hives. Inčiuros str. 3a, Troškūnai 4950 Anykščiai district , phone 370 51 56107, mobile 370 8511759   
  Honey centrifuge, made in Lithuania – Romas Žukauskas, phone 370 779946,1 mobile 370 8858253 

Photoreport on the beekeepers’ outing to Poland and Chech Republic.

M. Vinslovas makes bees’ bread. The fellow beekeeper can be reached by phone            370 30 52765 to the address: Vasario 16-osios str. No 21, Molėtai, Lithuania.
The World’s Beekeepers in the web. In this section adresses of home pages of beekeepers around the world will be included. Wake up the beekeepers of Lithuania! Lithuanians abroad are welcome to advertise their web sites in Lithuania.All of you are also invited to indicate the web sites you have found attractive. You are asked to send the address and a short write-up of web site you liked to the address: honey@honey.lt

www.gobeekeeping.com - beekeeping in USA

     Beekeepers’ house in Kamyannoe, Poland invites everybody to visit not only the home page http://www.krynica.net.pl  there but also have a good rest any time of the year for moderate price.


     First of all, special thanks for all visiting our site and sending us your comments and advice. Your opinion is very imprtant to us while developing the web site. Therefore, here are some comments provided by our visitors that inspired us to go on in this direction:

 Good idea! I have never ever visited a web site of a beekeeper in Lithuania. Keep on! Heavy honey!


The web site is very business-like, neat and pleasant. Good luck!


It is so good to find at least one beekeeper’s site on the Internet. Good beginning is half the battle.


I was very surprised to find a Lithuanian beekeeper’s site. It was really smart on your side to put the site.


For a long time I have cherished an idea to develop a Lithuanian web site on beekeeping as I have been a hobby beekeeper for seven years already. My congratulations for developing the site, which could be further expanded to include articles, honey sales advertising, training materials and may be Internet magazine.

Kęstutis K.

We are proud of your inventivensess and unexaustable energy. Your smart and professional site has got a lot of attention and, we suppose, has ample perspectives and will be noticed on international level in the nearest future.


Vitalijus, Vida, Eglė, Rapolas

   Dear fellow-beekeeper Gediminas,

Congratulations for winning the third place at the contest for the Best Amateur Apiary in Vilnius County.

Sigitas Uselis

Chairman of the Committee


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