Do you know that…  

Products collected and processed by bees serve as natural and indispensable remedy.
If we were busy like bees, we would be very tired. In order to collect half the kilo honey, bees have to fly the distance equalling to the trip three times around the Earth.
Of all the insects existing on the Earth (about one million species) the bee is one of the most useful for the man. It collects honey – the most miraculous, healing and nutritious product of all.  
In ancient Greece and Rome it was supposed, that honey gave wisdom to the man.
A lot of cases showed that people using honey even in moderate amounts lived long life, stayed active and healthy even to old age. Hipocratus of ancient Greece was known for applying honey widely while curing various ailments and adviced people to eat honey every day in order to live longer.
Honey is liquid gold and bees wax is gold alloys. It is not surprising that in ancient times honey and wax served as money and were used in trading among nations.
In our age of rapidly developing technologies when a lot of nutritious substances are produced artificially, natural products become of exceptional value. Japanese consider honey to be the king of the natural products.

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