Apiary products



  We supply high quality Lithuanian honey collected by native bees in the vicinity of Bagaslaviškis, situated in Širvintos District. Non-poluted nature around and honest beekeeper guarantees highest quality honey and other related products. We deliver honey packed up in glass jars (capacity of jars ranges from 400 g through 4,5 kg). Currently, buckwheat and mixed honey collected in nearby forests last year and also fresh honey (Test Certificate No.1233 Ch) harvested this year is available. Established customers residing in Vilnius, on request could be delivered honey right to the door. Orders could be placed by mailto: medus@patiekalai.lt or by phone in Vilnius : 370 2 79 07 33 and in Bagaslaviškis, Širvintos District: (8-382) 43 682, mob.: 370 86 34255. Internet applies discount for customers ordering honey.


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